Tamworth Marsupial Park

Top choice in New South Wales

Take Brisbane St 2km east to this little haven of native fauna above Tamworth, where you can get close to wallabies, echidnas, kangaroos and other native mammals in a natural bush setting. There's also an aviary where you can walk among the carolling and squawking of king parrots, scarlet rosellas and other resplendent species, a picnic area with barbecues and an adventure playground. A walking track connects to the nearby Botanic Gardens.

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1. Oxley Scenic Lookout

0.13 MILES

Follow Tamworth's jacaranda-lined White St to the very top, where you'll reach this viewpoint. It's the best seat in the house as the sun goes down.

2. Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum

1.35 MILES

Lovers of two-wheeled engineering will be in clover in this lovingly-curated collection of more than 50 Ducatis, Triumphs, BSAs and other classic bikes…

3. Tamworth Regional Gallery

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In purpose-built premises next to the library, Tamworth's gallery has some interesting local bequeathments alongside temporary exhibitions of textiles,…

4. Country Music Hall of Fame


Recognised as a collection of 'national and international significance', this trove of artefacts and dioramas explores Australasian country music's rich…

5. Powerstation Museum

1.59 MILES

This wonderful little volunteer-run museum commemorates Tamworth's status as 'City of Light' – the first town in Australia to get electric light. Housed…

6. Big Golden Guitar

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Behind the iconic 12m-high golden guitar, this building is home to the Tamworth Visitor Information Centre, a cafe, and a gift shop peddling local tunes…

8. Nundle Woollen Mill

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Take a walk down memory lane at one of Australia's last working woollen mills. Knit-a-holics from far and wide come to check out the antique milling…