Martindale Hall

Top choice historic building in Mintaro

Martindale Hall is an astonishing 1880 manor 3km from Mintaro. Built for young pastoralist Edmund Bowman Jnr, who subsequently partied away the family fortune (OK, so drought and plummeting wool prices played a part…but it was mostly the partying), the manor features original furnishings, a magnificent blackwood staircase, Mintaro-slate billiard table and an opulent, museum-like smoking room. The hall starred as Appleyard College in the 1975 film Picnic at Hanging Rock, directed by Peter Weir. Mirandaaa…

At the time of writing, Martindale Hall's public future was uncertain. Private interests were circling but the state government was considering buying the property to keep it open to the public – we dearly hope so! Check for updates.