With its gooey cheeses, charcuterie galore, coq au vin and steak tartare, France isn’t known for being vegan friendly. But in the capital, the meat-free movement has led to an explosion of plant-based restaurants and cafes, meaning it’s now easier than ever to be vegan in Paris.

Chow down on traditional French dishes with a twist, animal-friendly junk food and rainbow-bright veggie bowls at these top vegan restaurants in Paris.

Plates of vegan burgers with potatoes and slaw, plus a vegan hot dog, on a blue tabletop.
Jah Jah by Le Tricycle offers tasty Rasta-inspired fare © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

Jah Jah by Le Tricycle

Situated in the heart of Veggietown – a cluster of streets in the 9th and 10th arrondissements known for their meat-free dining scene – Rasta-inspired Jah Jah does what it says on the tin: super natural food. Get a vitamin boost with a warm bowl of veggies, beans and rice (offerings change daily), or try the BBQ cauli ‘wings’ and seriously tasty portobello burger, washing it all down with a Red Stripe or zingy ginger juice. No reservations are taken so turn up early or join the queue – we promise it’s worth the wait.

A lady with an umbrella walks past the Audjourd'hui Demain storefront; the walls are black with white signage and the large windows have white line drawings.
Audjourd'hui Demain is a hip vegan concept store © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

Aujourd’hui Demain 

Welcome to vegan heaven. Aujourd’hui Demain is an effortlessly cool concept store where you can buy vegan clothing, vegan recipe books, vegan ice cream and even vegan dog food. If you’re planning on cooking for yourself in Paris, you’ll find an extensive selection of food cupboard staples here as well as toiletries, eco-friendly kitchenware and gift sets. Alternatively, order a granola bowl or golden latte, pull up a vintage chair and chill out.

A worker behind a counter laden with cakes and sweet treats; walls are white or exposed brick with metal lights hanging from above.
Satisfy your sweet tooth at VG Pâtisserie © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

VG Pâtisserie 

Considering that croissants are essentially sacred in France, and their flaky pastry dependent on copious amounts of butter, VG Pâtisserie has made miracles happen with its vegan bakes. Their other creations include pain au chocolat, brioche and cinnamon rolls, as well as fruit tarts and chocolate goodies. While the croissants are a little on the sweet side, they’re the most convincing vegan version of this edible icon we’ve ever eaten.

A veggie lasagne on a white plate with a colourful salad.
The veggie lasagne is a highlight at Le Potager du Marais © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

Le Potager du Marais 

Following a vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the classics. French onion soup, cassoulet and crème brûlée all feature on the menu at Le Potager du Marais, a petit resto just around the corner from the Pompidou Centre. Opening in 2003 with a vegetarian focus, the kitchen switched to vegan-only in 2007 and hasn’t looked back. The ‘beef’ bourguignon, made with seitan, is a particular treat for those who miss meat.

A chocolate-coloured muffin with cream frosting on a blue plate with a silver spoon next to a menu.
Few would turn down one of Cloud Cakes' vegan muffins © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

Cloud Cakes

Need a sit down and a slice of cake after a shopping sesh at Forum des Halles? Look no further than Cloud Cakes, a cute little cafe with a bright blue shopfront serving smoothies, savoury dishes and of course, delectable muffins and cakes. It’s laptop-friendly too – and we can think of no better way to fuel an afternoon’s work than with avo toast and a red velvet cupcake. 

A latte on a white tablecloth next to corked water bottles, a floral display and a menu with a floral design.
Abattoir végétal is Paris' prettiest vegan venue © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

Abattoir végétal

Perhaps the prettiest vegan restaurant in Paris, Abattoir végétal’s sleek decor and hanging baskets are a world away from its former life as a butchers. Cafe by day, cocktail bar by night, the food here is healthy, scrumptious and equally as Instagrammable as the interiors; try the colourful cauliflower tabbouleh or the ‘Green Augustine’, an ever-changing dish based on seasonal produce. There are two venues: the original on Rue Ramey, and their new premises which recently opened on Rue Guisarde. 

Close-up of sweet and savoury cakes and muffins on a white cake stand.
Wild & the Moon is the place to go for gluten-free treats © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

Wild & the Moon 

With seven outlets across the city, Wild & the Moon is on a mission to make veganism cool, and it appears to be working. While the (pricey) menu might be a little too fad-focused for some – activated charcoal, CBD extract and chlorophyll all crop up more than once on the menu – its organic super bowls and gluten-free cakes are healthy, delicious and made using ethically sourced ingredients.

People milling about outside the black-painted shopfront of Hank Burger.
Hank Burger: vegans need junk food too © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

Hank Burger

Hankering for some vegan junk food? Heed the call of Hank Burger, where in the 3rd and 9th arrondissements you can sit down to a Beyond Meat or soy burger and potato wedges safe in the knowledge that your karma is in good hands (Hank stands for ‘have a nice karma’). Fans of the house veganaise can buy a jar to take home too. At sister restaurant Hank Pizza, you can also get a French take on an English breakfast every Sunday from 11.30am-3.30pm.

A chocolate cake and a banana cake on a wooden chopping board on a glass shop counter.
Tempting wares at Maisie Cafe © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

Maisie Cafe

A two-minute walk from the Jardin des Tuileries and Rue de Rivoli, Maisie Cafe serves up quinoa salads, seasonal soups and leek tarts that sell like hot (vegan) cakes. Their energy balls and açaí bowls are perfect mood boosters – and their chocolate granola is divine. A new premises in the open-plan food court at Galeries Lafayette is ideal if you’re travelling with anyone who’d rather have non-vegan options.

World Food Barn

Want to reset after a boulangerie binge? Get yourself to World Food Barn in the Latin Quarter, where gregarious chef Michael Covarrubias rustles up raw vegan dishes and fresh juices that are oh so tasty and – bonus! – good for your gut. Originally trained in French cuisine, American-born Michael now champions the vegan diet and is likely to convince even the most sceptical of eaters that ferments and sprouted chickpeas are the next big thing.

A woman walks past in a shop housed in a historic stone building; a green sign says Un Monde Vegan.
Un Monde Vegan is your one-stop vegan shop © Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet​​

Want more? 

Visit Jay & Joy to taste a variety of vegan cheeses, plus faux foie gras and yoghurt

Sign up for a vegan cooking class at La Parenthèse Végétale

Shop for food cupboard essentials, fresh goods and more at Un Monde Vegan

Want to splash some serious cash? Book a table at three-Michelin-star restaurant L’Arpege, requesting the vegan menu upon reservation

Key French vocab for vegans

Vegan - végan(e)
Plant-based - végétalien(ne)
Vegetarian - végétarien(ne)
Organic - bio / biologique
Gluten-free - sans gluten

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