With a diverse and multicultural population, Toronto has awesome places to eat and drink. But if there’s one thing everyone agrees on, it’s ice cream. There’s no shortage of scoop shops in the city, and the rich, creamy dessert can be found any time of the year – no matter how cold it is.

From funky flavors to decadent classics, every shop has its own sweet specialties, from Avocado at Bang Bang to Black Sesame Salted Duck Egg at Wong’s. Here are 10 of our favorites:

Tufts of pink and blue cotten candy poke out of an ice cream cone held in front of the CN tower in Toronto
Find the most Instagram-worthy cones at Sweet Jesus © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

1. Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus has spread like wildfire across the city and beyond. Known for their colorful, Instagram-worthy cones, the shop goes over-the-top, with a rea candle in the Birthday Cake cone, and layers of cotton candy in the Krusty the Cone. There are also other sweet treats, such as milkshakes, cakes and hot chocolate. Sweet Jesus has locations across Ontario, but the original location is in the Entertainment District.

Ice cream is piled high in a rolled up waffle, in front of a mural depicting leaves
Enjoy homemade ice creams in cookie sandwiches or Hong Kong egg waffles at Bang Bang © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

2. Bang Bang Ice Cream

It’s no surprise Bang Bang Ice Cream has lines down the block on warmer days. From ice cream sandwiches on house-made cookies to scoops inside Hong Kong egg waffles, there are endless options. Flavors include Banana Pudding and Mojito (vegan). Visit during off hours to avoid the extensive lines.

An intimidating-looking ice cream cone - black swirls of soft serve in a black cone - is held in front of a pink neon sign that reads ice cream solves everything
iHalo Krunch is known for charcoal soft serve and cones © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

3. iHalo Krunch

iHalo Krunch is known for its activated charcoal soft serve and cones, and they’re 100 percent worth the hype. Staple flavors are Ube, Charcoal (coconut), Matcha and Vanilla Bean, but limited-edition flavors pop up every now and then. Grab a cone and enjoy your treat next door at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Pictures of a sheep and a rooster on white backgrounds are behind a small tub of ice cream held in a shop
Ed's Burnt Marshmallow ice cream flavor will leave you wanting a whole tub for yourself © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

4. Ed’s Real Scoop

Ed’s Real Scoop is a hotspot for ice cream, with locations across several neighborhoods. Real, quality ingredients are used to create handmade ice creams in each of their stores. You can find all kinds of sweet treats at Ed’s, including both ice cream and gelato, all made with Ontario milk. Try the Burnt Marshmallow ice cream – you can thank us later!

A pink and blue fancy ice cream cone is held in front of giant fiberclass cones at a shop
Dutch Dreams' Watermelon sherbet in a white chocolate unicorn cone © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

5. Dutch Dreams

Dutch Dreams is an eclectic, Dutch-inspired ice cream parlor just north of downtown. The family-owned spot has passed down the secret family recipe for generations, and there are many different flavors, including Fresh Banana and Pina Colada. All flavors are kosher, and there is also frozen yogurt, sundaes, shakes and Dutch confections. In summer, enjoy your sweet treat on the fun patio.

A hand holds two scoops of ice cream on a cone in front of a mural depicting a Mexican pyramid
Wong's has tons of unique flavors, including White Rabbit and Black Sesame Salted Duck Egg © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

6. Wong’s Ice Cream

Looking for something unique? Wong’s is the spot to visit for fun Asian-themed flavors. There are delicious flavors such as Pineapple Passionfruit, Boozy Egg Tart, and White Rabbit (a popular Asian candy). There are also vegan and gluten-free options. Check them out in East Chinatown.

A hand holds a simple-looking ice cream cone in a plain sugar cone in front of a shop
Greg's was Toronto's very first premium and natural homemade ice cream shop © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

7. Greg’s Ice Cream

Greg’s has been Toronto’s first premium and natural homemade ice cream shop since 1981. It was one of the first in the city to create flavors outside the norm, such as Roasted Marshmallow and Cardamom. Greg's has created more than 200 flavors over the years, but there are usually only 16 flavors available at a time. It's all made using local dairy and fruit ingredients at their Distillery District location. Cash only.

The city of toronto is reflected in a shop window as a hand holds an ice cream cone with two earth-toned scoops
Kekou offers Asian-inspired sweet treats, including gelato and milk teas © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

8. Kekou Gelato House

Kekou is a homey gelato parlor and teahouse serving Asian-inspired gelato, bubble tea and drinks. The gelato is made with whole ingredients and no fillers, and there are vegan options as well. Hong Kong Milk Tea and Vietnamese Coffee are both standout flavors. Located in Queen West with new renovations, it’s a great spot for the entire family.

A hand holds a dainty cup with a scoop of ice cream in it in front of a sign that says Summer's.
Summer's has been a Yorkville favorite since the 1980s © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

9. Summer’s Ice Cream

Summer’s Ice Cream has been in Toronto since the 1980's, but ice cream has been a family tradition since the late 1930s. Find homemade ice cream, fro-yo, smoothies and fruit juices at this adorable Yorkville gem. From Blueberry Dream to Coconut Cream, you're going to want to get multiple scoops. Plus, they source some of their fruits for their ice creams from local Ontario farms.

Full mini chocolate chip cookies are perched on two scoops of blue ice cream in a cone held at a busy intersection
The Cookie Monster, one of Fugo's most popular cones © Jessica Lam / Lonely Planet

10. Fugo Desserts

Originally exclusively an ice cream shop, Fugo Desserts now offers mini donuts and coffee, inspired by international flavors. From the specialty ice cream cones (S'mores on S'mores, anyone?) to their extensive donut selection (we're talking Crème Brûlée and Rosewater Pistachio), Fugo is your spot for all things dessert.

Toronto is a sweet spot for all things ice cream and desserts, and you should definitely scope out a scoop with a few of these places on your next visit.

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