Whether travellers want to indulge their sense of adventure or hit the road in style, there are plenty of new camper vans and trailers available for this year’s road trip. Lonely Planet rounded up some of the latest models that will have you grabbing the GPS and cueing up the perfect playlist.  

A kettle boils in the trailer's kitchen.
The Basecamp X trailer from Airstream © Airstream

Airstream’s new trailer for adventurous travellers

While the iconic silver bullet may be the first thing to spring to mind when you think Airstream, the company recently unveiled the new Basecamp X. The small, 16-foot trailer sheds the company’s signature look in favour of a smaller trailer designed for rugged roads.

A large motorhome is parked in an open field.
The Grand California is a large motorhome © Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Volkswagen’s extra-large motorhome

Travellers looking for a bit more space might like Volkswagen’s Grand California. A newer and bigger take on its classic California model, this camper van made headlines for including a full bathroom with a toilet and shower, and has a large sleeping area.

A woman sites in a small trailer near the beach.
The lightweight Polydrop trailer is for more than just travel © Polydrops

The angular Polydrop trailer

Looking for something truly unique? These tiny Polydrop trailers are described by their designer, Kyung-Hyun Lew, as not just a camping trailer but a 'portable private space'. The aluminium-framed trailer is only 760 lbs and is powered by a 100-watt solar panel.

A mid-century modern inspired trailer in the wilderness.
The Draper is inspired by the Mad Men character Don Draper © Land Ark RV

The Don Draper-inspired trailer from Land Ark RV

If you have a love of Mad Men and money to spare, the Draper from Land Ark RV might be what you’re looking for. While the price starts around US$144,900 for the made-to-order trailer, you can have no doubt you’ll be travelling in style.

A motorhome is parked on a city street.
The new 19-foot Interstate Nineteen touring coach © Airstream

The Airstream you can drive in the city

If towing a trailer doesn’t suit your city lifestyle, you can always check out Airstream’s 19-foot Interstate Nineteen touring coach. The motorhome can fit into a standard parking space, meaning travelers can spot in the city as easily as in the campground.

The small LUME trailer at a campsite.
The LUME Traveler has a roof that opens up © LUME

Gaze at the stars from the LUME Traveler

The Dutch-made  LUME Traveler is perfect for anyone who wants to spend their trip gazing at the stars. It boasts the basics: a double bed, a full stove and a solar panel – and a roof above the bed that completely opens.

Features - 2020-caravel-Copy-7ba783582438
Airstream has brought back the Caravel camper © Airstream

Airstream’s retro revivals

Airstream has brought back its Bambi and Caravel models, which were first made in the 1960s and have now been relaunched for the modern era. The Bambi trailer, a single-axle, is named for its small and light size. The Caravel takes its cue from the larger Airstreams, but in a smaller and sleeker package.

With all the new options on the market, all you have to do is decide on the best place to go for camper van travel.

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