Day of the Dead celebrated around the world

While Halloween may be filled with candy and costumes, the days that follow bring about some much more interesting celebrations around the world.

Perhaps one of the best known – and most colourful – celebrations is Mexico’s Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). The annual holiday, which takes place on the night of 1 November through the following day, usually sees celebrations last a week. There are often parades, called the Grand Procession of the Catrinas, where observers can see many faces painted like elaborate skeletons.

But Mexico is not the only place to celebrate in the days after Halloween – 1 November is also known as All Saint’s Day, a Christian festival honouring the saints, which is celebrated around the world. Many people who mark the occasion visit cemeteries to bring flowers to the graves of their loved ones.

Day of the Dead celebrated around the world

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