It’s hard to believe New York City’s Penn Station could get any weirder, but when the annual Comic Con convention descends on the west side of Manhattan, the Jacob Javits Center – and its immediate perimeter – is automatically converted into an all-out geek-fest.

This October, over 250,000 attendees showed up in force to enjoy four days of mixing, mingling and inhaling everything pop culture – including booths, panels, screenings, and of course, fan-dominated cosplay. Couldn’t make it to the festivities? From the Joker to Dragon Ball Z, we walked the show for you to find the best cosplay characters in town. Here are our favorites from the 2019 NYC Comic Con, just in time for Halloween costume season.

Stranger Things.jpg
The Scoops Ahoy costume was a favorite this year and Stranger Things was well-represented © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
STar Wars.jpg
Thank goodness no one forgot their lightsabers © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
Pennywise felt right at home hanging out over NYC’s sewers © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
Game of Thrones.jpg
Game of Thrones may be over, but Arya Stark is alive and well at Comic Con © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
The Matrix.jpg
The blue pill or the red pill? You decide © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
No joke © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
Aquaman and his finned partner take a break from Atlantis © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
snow miku.jpg
Welcome Princess Snow Miku, all the way from Japan’s Hokkaido © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
Dragonball Z.jpg
The family that Dragonball Z’s together, stays together © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
queen chrysalis nightmare moon.jpg
Queen Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon enjoy some downtime from My Little Pony © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
Super…well, Super Everyone © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
Painted Lady Avatar.jpg
Avatar’s Painted Ladies may be spirits, but they found a new home at the Javits Center © Tobey Grumet / Lonely Planet
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