When summer's hottest months come around, you need the right clothes to stay cool and relaxed. Sure, you can make do with cut-off jeans and old T-shirts, but some activities call for gear that's a little more comfortable in high temps.

In this article we review a selection of clothing especially designed to keep you comfortable from head to toe in hot conditions, whether you’re going around the world or around the block.

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BAM Scoop-neck Easy & Training T-shirts 

Hot weather is no problem with the wide range of T-shirts and tops from BAM. Originally designed for yoga and active wear, the fabric is a mix of bamboo and cotton which is breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking and supremely comfortable. 

We tested the men’s Training T-shirt, with its sporty-looking panels and external stitching, and the women’s Scoop-neck Easy Top, with its super-soft touch and relaxed fit. There are also V-neck options for men and women, and longer tops that cover the hips. We also found all BAM shirts great to wear, easy to wash and quick to dry, so it’s win-win all round.

Buy for $30 at bambooclothing.co.uk 

man in a bucket hat petting a dog
When the sun beats down, protect your head with the Tilley Wanderer Hat © Courtesy of Tilley Endurables

Tilley Wanderer Hat 

If you want to get ahead, get a hat. This old adage is even more important when you need to avoid sunburn. So ward off the rays with the Wanderer Hat from iconic headgear supplier Tilley. The anti-UV fabric is pre-washed for that rugged adventurer look, with a wide brim that can be press-studded up if required, while ingenious features include a hidden inside pocket. And should you fall overboard from your kayak or rowboat, it even floats.

Buy for $85 at rei.com

tasc riverwalk sweatshirt.jpg
Stay warm, look cool with the Riverwalk Sweatshirt from Tasc Performance © Courtesy of Tasc Performance

Tasc Performance Riverwalk Sweatshirt 

Even in hot climates, sometimes you need a sweatshirt – after a swim, maybe, or when a gentle breeze blows off the ocean. Step forward the women’s Riverwalk Sweatshirt from Tasc Performance. The white bamboo-cotton mix is luxuriously soft on the skin, prevents shivers without overheating, and protects against UV. Our tester especially loved the side splits on the lower hem and the slightly longer back panel. For an additional level of comfort, the Riverwalk is also available as a hoodie.

Buy for $78 at amazon.com

Wearing socks with feet on a chair
Give your feet a treat in the heat with Teko Adrenaline Socks © David Else / Lonely Planet

Teko Adrenaline Socks 

Let’s be blunt: nobody loves sweaty feet. Not you, not your friends. So for humid conditions a pair of Adrenalin Socks from Teko will help your feet stay fresh and sociable. The super-soft nylon fabric is "regenerated" from waste fishing nets, so you’re doing your bit for the planet as well.

These socks are aimed at runners in warm conditions – the light cushion sole provides great padding while the fabric around the ankle and top of the foot is light and breathable – making them perfect for walking too. For longer hikes, the Teko Marathon sock is a slightly more padded alternative.

Buy for $30 at tekoforlife.co.uk 

A woman poses in a swim suit
A drop in the ocean, maybe, but Tide & Seek’s swimwear helps reduce plastic waste © Courtesy of Tide & Seek

Tide & Seek One-Piece Swimsuit 

Beaches, what’s not to like? Especially when you can feel good, look good, and do your bit for the planet with swimwear from Tide & Seek. The entire range of swimsuits and bikinis are made with fabric derived from recycled plastic bottles. Our tester sampled a one-piece, and simply loved its neat fit, unique back-strap and subtle-yet-stylish print design. With so much plastic waste in the ocean, there’s a pleasing symmetry in swimwear that helps turn the tide.

Buy for $76 at tideandseek.com 

tasc-performance_motion pants.jpg
Style on the move or in the bar with Tasc Performance Motion Pants © Courtesy of Tasc Performance

Tasc Performance Motion Pants

Even in hot weather, temperatures can drop a little after sunset, so the men’s Motion Pants from Tasc Performance are ideal for evening wear, casual or formal, from boho beach bar to exclusive cocktail terrace. 

On the move, our tester found these pants light and flexible. Plus points include the tailored cut and two hidden pockets with zips which are handy for keeping money safe. A downside of the bamboo-polyester mix fabric, designed to be water-resistant, is that the pants are not so breathable in humid conditions.

Buy for $128 tascperformance.com

A woman stands in a bug
A bugbear for many travelers, insect bites are reduced with Keela’s Insect Shield T-shirt © Courtesy of Keela

Keela Insect Shield T-shirt 

In regions where bugs are a menace, especially malaria-carrying mosquitoes and other biting beasties, the Insect Shield T-shirt from Keela will help keep the bugs at bay thanks to a special fabric treatment that will last as long as the shirt itself. Our tester was originally apprehensive, expecting “an artificial chemical feel,” but on wearing the shirt in hot conditions she reported the shirt was “light, breathable and very comfortable – bugs or not.” Designed and made in Scotland (where vast swarms of "midges" are not as deadly as mosquitos, but just as annoying) this t-shirt is available on-line in many other countries around the world, in male and female cuts, as well as a range of designs and colors.

Buy for $35 at keela.co.uk

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