Zurich’s vibrant art scene, many start-ups, tech and art universities make the city an ideal base for anyone looking to get some work done during their travels. Whether you're starting your own enterprise or writing the next great novel of our time, we've got you covered with these places to get your creativity and productivity flowing. Here are the best co-working spaces in Zurich.

Looking down from a mezzanine floor to the high-ceilinged interior of Birdhaus: women are working at white tables, there is a pink wall with two high windows, and many oversized wicker lampshades overhead.
Birdhaus is Zurich's women-only co-working space © Claudia Peter / Lonely Planet

1. Birdhaus

A creative co-working space and club for entrepreneurial women is what Michelle Gasparovic wanted to create with the Birdhaus, where you can enjoy rose-coloured walls, breezy interior design, vegan catering, yoga and meditation classes, and regular mindfulness and health events. It is located close to Bahnhof Enge, in the historic Hürlimann area. Entry is membership-based, with day passes available as part of the basic membership.

The interior of Auer & Co.; there are exposed brick walls and a brick column in the centre of the room; customers are queuing at the bar while others are working at tables under a glittery silver disco ball.
Auer & Co. is a hipster co-working heaven © Claudia Peter / Lonely Planet

2. Auer & Co.

Work beneath a glittery disco ball, lounge on comfy retro furniture, or sip homemade ice tea – Auer & Co. in district 5 is hipster office heaven. It looks like a cafe-bar more than a co-working space, but is always packed with artsy people working on their notebooks and having animated chats. There are meeting rooms that you can book, and a spacious outdoor seating area if you need some fresh air during your hours of hard work. Top-notch coffee ensures that Auer & Co. is a great place to hang out even if it's just to relax.

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The high-ceilinged interior of Kraftwerk: the bar and some of the walls are made of colourful old shipping containers, while the exterior wall has windows high up; a customer is working at a wooden table next to a large patterned rug covering the floor.
Kraftwerk is one of Zurich's more upscale co-working spaces © Claudia Peter / Lonely Planet

3. Kraftwerk

Slightly more upscale, but with the same my-bar-is-my-office attitude, Kraftwerk is a newer addition to Zurich's co-work cafe scene. Old shipping containers and retro furniture make for a stylish setting, while good coffee and a well-stocked bar take care of any exhausted digital nomad’s needs. Meeting rooms can be reserved, and as soon as the clock turns to 5pm the place is flooded with business people from the nearby banking quarter, giving the place an even more bustling vibe.

The interior of B2's wine library: the high walls are covered with rows and rows of dark wood bookshelves, with a seating alcove built into them at ground level; there are further wooden tables and chairs in the centre of the room.
The gorgeous tall bookshelves at B2's wine library © Claudia Peter / Lonely Planet

4. B2

Hotel lobbies and libraries hold a special magic for many, and have been a source of inspiration for writers and creatives for a long time. One of the most beautiful libraries in Zurich is boutique hotel B2’s wine library, with its 11-metre-tall towering bookshelves, wooden chairs and tables, and, of course, wine. There are snacks available and, since the hotel is set in a former brewery, a selection of beers too for your after-work wind-down.

5. Impact Hub

Zurich’s original co-working space is set impressively in the old railway viaduct in district 5. Impact Hub is a global network focused on building entrepreneurial communities nerds working towards future-friendly solutions, and has more than 80 co-work spaces all over the world. In addition to offering well-equipped working environments, Impact Hub organises workshops, events and presentations often open to the public as well as its members on a regular basis. Access to all co-working spaces is membership-based, but you can have a free trial day if you want to check what the buzz is about before you commit.

Circular display tables are covered with books for sale in Kosmos: beyond, customers are working at tables while the walls are lined with windows looking over other buildings outside.
Work among books at Kosmos © Claudia Peter / Lonely Planet

6. Kosmos

Who could fail to be inspired when sitting amid great literature? The Kosmos book salon in district 4 is a bookshop, cafe and informal co-working location. Its quiet atmosphere makes for a great thinking space, and if you need to get the creative juices flowing there is a well-stocked selection of the latest fiction, non-fiction and art books. There is also a movie theatre in the same building showing arthouse films, as well as regular talks and readings covering topics from politics to literature to arts. 

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7. Law Library 

The most architecturally stunning library in Zurich is the library of the law faculty at the University of Zurich. It opened in 2004 and was designed by the well-known Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Home to some 230,000 books and 600 magazines, this six-storey building is dominated by an airy, 30-metre-high atrium. 500 work and reading spaces are arranged around balconies that are perfect for some deep thinking, studying and working.

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