Iglesia de Uquía

Quebrada de Humahuaca

It’s not often that you imagine the heavenly host armed with muzzle-loading weapons, but in this roadside village’s picturesque 17th-century church that’s just what you see. A restored collection of Cuzco School paintings – the ángeles arcabuceros (arquebus-wielding angels) – features Gabriel, Uriel et al putting their trust in God but keeping their powder dry. There’s also a gilt altarpiece with fine painted panels.

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1. Monumento a la Independencia

6.82 MILES

From Humahuaca's plaza, a staircase climbs to the Monumento a la Independencia, a vulgarity produced by local sculptor Ernesto Soto Avendaño. The…

2. Cabildo

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3. Serranía de Hornocal

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Located 25km east of Humahuaca, this jagged row of rock 'teeth' offers utterly spectacular colors. Tours run here but it's drivable in a normal car with…

4. Museo Arqueológico

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This well-presented collection of regional artifacts in a striking colonial house has some pieces from the pucará just south of the center. Exhibits offer…

5. Pucará

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6. La Posta de Hornillos

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