Museo del Cablecarril

Top choice museum in Chilecito

This old cable-car station documents the extraordinary engineering and mining project that created modern Chilecito at the beginning of the 20th century. Yes, this town, like many in cowboy country the world over, was built on silver, gold and copper. The simple, picturesque museum preserves photos, tools (those mammoth wrenches are cool!) and documents, as well as communications equipment, including an early cell phone.

Peruse the museum on your own, then examine the cable-car terminus itself, where ore carts now wait fruitlessly in line. It's best in late afternoon when sun bathes the rusted metal and snowy sierras. With a car, you can investigate the second and third cable-car stations too. Guided tours visit the ninth and final stop of La Mejicana, high in the sierra.

The museum is on the main road at the southern entrance to town, a block south of the bus terminal.