Bosque Tallado

Bariloche & the Lake District

A signposted road leads from RN 40 up the wooded slopes of Cerro Piltriquitrón. From the end of the road, it's a 40-minute hike to the Sculpted Forest, where local artisans have transformed tree stumps into mythological and grotesque carvings.

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1. Feria Artesanal

3.29 MILES

Local craftspeople sell their wares at this market, along the eastern edge of Plaza Pagano, which boasts over 300 artists, who make and sell everything…

2. Cabeza del Indio

4.39 MILES

On a ridge 7km west of town is Cabeza del Indio, a rock outcrop resembling a man’s profile; the trail has great views of the Río Azul and Lago Puelo. The…

3. Cascada Escondida

4.43 MILES

Small but beautifully formed, this 'hidden' waterfall lies several kilometers north of El Bolsón, reachable via a gravel road or a walking trail from town.