Kasama Rock Art


Archaeologists rate the Kasama rock art as one of the largest and most significant collections of ancient art in Southern Africa, though their quality is outdone in Zimbabwe and Namibia. The works are attributed to Stone Age hunter-gatherers (sometimes known as Twa) and are up to 2000 years old. Many are abstract designs, but some of the finest pictographs show human figures and animals, often capturing a remarkable sense of fluidity and movement, despite being stylised with huge bodies and minute limbs.

The paintings (about 700 in all) are in caves and overhangs spread over a very wide area of bush about 7km east of Kasama, on the road towards Isoka. Without a vehicle, the easiest way to reach the paintings area is by taxi (about ZMW35 each way, plus waiting time). About 4.5km from Kasama is a signpost for ‘Mwela Rocks National Monument’ with an entry kiosk and guides to escort visitors.

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