Mostyn Gallery


A sensitively restored, heritage-listed 1901 terracotta-and-brick exterior hides the sharply angled innards of North Wales’ leading contemporary art gallery. Its six galleries house changing and often challenging exhibitions, and were amongst the first to exhibit female artists in Britain. Call in to explore the shop or grab a coffee upstairs, even if you find the art perplexing.

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1. Llandudno Promenade

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Llandudno's iconic 2-mile promenade is one of its distinctive sights. It was here that Queen Victoria herself watched Professor Codman’s Punch & Judy Show…

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A trip to Llandudno isn’t complete until you’ve strolled along the Victorian pier, eating ice cream and shooing away seagulls. At 670m, it's Wales'…

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The summit complex isn't the most aesthetically sensitive addition to the Great Orme landscape, but it has picnic tables, a cafe and a gift shop.