Lookout Tower

Northwest Vietnam

For an overview of Son La, follow the stone steps to the left of the Trade Union (Cong Doan) Hotel in the north of town. It's a 20-minute uphill walk to reach the lookout.

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1. Son La Market

0.54 MILES

You’ll find woven shoulder bags, scarves, silver buttons and necklaces and other hill-tribe crafts at this market in the north of town.

2. Old French Prison & Museum

0.71 MILES

Son La’s old prison was a French penal colony where anti-colonial revolutionaries were incarcerated from 1908. It was destroyed by the ‘off-loading’ of…

3. Thuan Chau Craft Market

15.01 MILES

Take a local bus or xe om to Thuan Chau, about 35km northwest of Son La, early in the morning, when its daily market swells with colourfully dressed hill…