Vietnam, near Bac Ha, Flower Hmong brightly coloured fabrics for sale at Can Cau market

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Can Cau Market

Bac Ha

This small market, 20km north of Bac Ha, attracts a growing number of visitors. Some tours from Sapa now visit Can Cau on Saturday before moving on to Bac Ha for the Sunday market. A few Bac Ha stallholders also make the journey to Can Cau on Saturdays. It’s still a magnet for the local tribal people though, including Flower Hmong and Blue Hmong (look out for the striking zigzag costume of the latter).

The market spills down a hillside, with basic food stalls on one level and livestock, including plenty of dogs, at the bottom of the valley. Locals will implore you to drink the local ruou (wine) with them. Some trips here include the option of an afternoon trek (for those still standing after ruou shots) to the nearby village of Fu La.

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