Fundación Bigott


If you’d like to dig a little deeper into traditional Venezuelan culture – perhaps learn to play joropo music with the bandola llanera (a string instrument) in the style of Anselmo López, or how to create your very own Festival de los Diablos Danzantes masks – you’ll want to pay a visit to Fundación Bigott. In a restored colonial home sitting prominently on richly preserved Plaza Sucre in the independent colonial town of Petare, Fundación Bigott offers extensive workshops in traditional Venezuelan culture, including traditional celebrations, music, gastronomy, popular arts and artesian crafts. Workshops generally last three months and cost a measly BsF15, but one-day classes are sometimes offered. There is also an extensive research library open to the public (2pm to 6pm Monday to Friday) and a small store where you can pick up CDs, books and other fundación-sponsored cultural items.