Buyan Khuli Khan Mausoleum


Only hardcore fans of Islamic architecture will want to travel 2km east of the centre to this delicate little mausoleum, the resting place of a Mongol khan, which still has some fine chipped 14th-century mosaic and terracotta. Next door are the twin domes of the larger Saifuddin Bukharzi Mausoleum. With sheep grazing in the foreground and a massive flour factory looming in the background, this spot might as well be a metaphor for Central Asia.

Taxi drivers know this place as ‘Rayon Fatobod Bogi’.

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2. Nadir Divanbegi Medressa

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On the eastern side of Lyabi-Hauz is a statue of Hoja Nasruddin, a semi-mythical ‘wise fool’ who appears in Sufi teaching-tales around the world.

4. Jewish Community Centre & Synagogue


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7. Puppet Museum

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The displays here on the history and manufacture of Bukhara's famous puppets are worth a quick visit, especially if you have kids in tow.

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