Tunnel View

Yosemite National Park

Just off Hwy 41, immediately east of Wawona Tunnel, is the parking lot for this spectacular viewpoint where you can take in much of the valley floor, including El Capitan and Bridalveil Fall. Don't expect a spot for solitary contemplation; it gets extremely crowded.

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1. Valley View

0.77 MILES

Views of El Capitan and Bridalveil Fall can be had from this valley-floor turnout.

2. Inspiration Point

0.79 MILES

Some of Yosemite's best vistas are granted to those who hike the steep, 1.3-mile trail up to this viewpoint. Inspiration Point used to be a spot along an…

3. Yosemite National Park


Yosemite means "killer" in the Indigenous Miwok language, and in today's parlance it's indeed an impressive, awesome site. Everywhere you look in Yosemite…

5. Bridalveil Fall

1.71 MILES

At the southwestern end of the valley, Bridalveil Fall tumbles 620ft. The Ahwahneechee people call it Pohono (Spirit of the Puffing Wind), as gusts often…

6. Ribbon Falls

2.08 MILES

At 1600 ft, Ribbon Falls, only seen from the west side of El Capitan, is the highest single drop falls in North America. There's no signage and no real…

7. El Capitan

2.57 MILES

At nearly 3600ft from base to summit, El Capitan ranks as one of the world’s largest granite monoliths. Its sheer face makes it a world-class destination…

8. McGurk Meadow

3.75 MILES

Lush wildflower-strewn meadow with a historic log cabin. Makes for a nice, leisurely stroll.