Around Seattle

Although much of Woodinville has been taken over by chain restaurants and strip malls, there are still charms to be found in the city's historic downtown and nearby wineries and walking trails.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Around Seattle attractions

1. Duvall

7.78 MILES

Duvall, about 25 miles north of North Bend along Hwys 202 and 203, has a rural small-town atmosphere despite its growth spurt. Wander Main St and check…

2. Ravenna Park

9.19 MILES

Just north of the U District is Ravenna, a residential neighborhood that’s home to a lot of professors and university staff. At its heart is Ravenna Park,…

3. Green Lake Park

9.65 MILES

A favorite hunting ground for runners, personal trainers and artistically tattooed sunbathers, scenic Green Lake Park surrounds a small natural lake…

4. Burke Museum

9.79 MILES

An interesting hybrid museum covering both natural history and indigenous cultures of the Pacific Rim. Inside you'll find, arguably, Washington's best…

5. Bellevue Art Museum

9.88 MILES

The Bellevue Art Museum, across from the mall, features changing exhibits of contemporary Northwest art. Everything from large scale instillation to…

6. Quad

9.89 MILES

The lovely Quad is home to some of the original campus buildings, many of them built in a Collegiate Gothic style reminiscent of New England. On sunny…

7. Suzzallo Library

9.96 MILES

The architecturally minded will be interested in the University of Washington’s Suzzallo Library. Designed by Carl Gould in 1926, this bibliophile’s dream…

8. Central Plaza (Red Square)

9.98 MILES

The center of campus is more commonly referred to as Red Sq (because of its base of red brick rather than any Bolshevik inclinations). It’s not the…