George W Bush Childhood Home

Panhandle Plains

George and Barbara Bush moved to west Texas from patrician New England in 1948. A growing family, the Bushes lived in this house from 1952 to 1956, when their son George W was aged five to nine.

What's most surprising about this modest house is that even a rising oil exec like George HW didn't live in the 1950s equivalent of a McMansion. There's plenty of material on the life of W that may delight fans and irritate others, but all will find this well-curated museum within a perfectly restored house to be a fascinating look at life in a simpler era.

The museum gift shop has pretty much every book about W by aids and acolytes you can imagine, plus material on W's wife, Laura, who writes about growing up in Midland in Spoken from the Heart. There's also an earlier Bush house in Odessa.

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