Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dallas & the Panhandle Plains

See actual tracks left by a Tyrannosaurus rex in a riverbed in this sylvan park. There are also 20 miles of trails.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Dallas & the Panhandle Plains attractions

1. Dinosaur World

0.71 MILES

Has huge statues of dinosaurs set on 22 acres. In comparison to the animated dinosaurs in films such as Jurassic Park, those here seem all the more, well,…

2. Creation Evidence Museum

1.42 MILES

Aims to dispel evolutionary theories as displayed at all the local dinosaur sites and promote the many unique theories of its founder. There's a replica…

3. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center


Drive a nearly 10-mile course through an open-air zoo that's home to over 60 animal species, including cheetahs, rhinoceroses and giraffes.

4. Billy the Kid Museum

22.32 MILES

Their story – and they're sticking to it – is that Billy the Kid survived his widely reported death at age 21 in New Mexico and instead lived to a ripe…