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Reno has a compact clutch of big casinos in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada. It has a reputation for being a 'poor man's Vegas,' but while in some ways that shoe fits, we're here to set the record straight: Reno is so much more. Beyond the garish downtown, with its photoworthy mid-century modern architecture, neon signs and alpine-fed Truckee River, sprawls a city of parks and pretty houses inhabited by a friendly bunch eager to welcome you.

Stealing a piece of California's tech-pie, the gargantuan Tesla Gigafactory opened its doors here in 2016, bringing plenty of cashed-up youngsters to town, and Reno is ready: the transformation of the formerly gritty Midtown District continues, injecting a dose of funky new bars, top-notch restaurants and vibrant arts spaces into Reno's already unique and eclectic mix.

If you like pleasant surprises or just go for the underdog, chances are you'll love Reno.

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