Cedar Point Amusement Park

Top choice amusement park in Sandusky

Image by John Burdumy Getty Images

Cedar Point is one of the world's top amusement parks, known for its 17 adrenaline-pumping roller coasters. Stomach-droppers include the Top Thrill Dragster, among the globe's tallest and fastest rides. It climbs 420ft into the air before plunging and whipping around at 120mph. The Valravn is the world's longest 'dive' coaster, dropping riders at a 90-degree angle for 214ft. Meanwhile, the wing-like GateKeeper loops, corkscrews and dangles riders from the world's highest inversion (meaning you're upside down a lot).

If those and the other hair-raising coasters aren't enough to keep you occupied, the surrounding area has a nice beach, a water park and a slew of old-fashioned, cotton-candy-fueled attractions. It's about 6 miles from Sandusky. Buying tickets in advance online saves money. Parking costs $15 to $18.

It's worthwhile to download the free Cedar Point app, which has a handy feature that lists current wait times for each ride. Note lines for some can be 90 minutes or more.