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Halfway between Chaco and Mesa Verde, this is an ideal base for those interested in the Ancestral Puebloan culture and architecture.

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$35 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Playa del Carmen Palazzo Nightclub Skip-the-Line Admission

Arrive at one of Playa del carmen’s most luxurious party venues and skip to the front of the line for immediate entrance, VIP style. Take in the stunning illumination combined with the spectacular shows, featuring body tape dancers, Aztec performance, and fire robots, all combining to make for high-class entertainment in the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen. The best of electronic dancing music, hip hop, house, Top 40 will set the perfect night to celebrate with you and your companions the night away. Some themed nights include Mardi Gras on Thursdays and Beat The Night Party on Saturdays. You can also enjoy unlimited local drinks that are included in your party ticket.

$84 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Alebrije and Chocolate Workshp

Alebrijes are mythical and fantastic creatures re-created by the Artisan Pedro Linares in the 1900’s. As a result of an illness and suffering fever dreams, this artisan hallucinated that he was in a forest with rocks and clouds, many of which turned into wild, unnaturally colored creatures, frequently featuring wings, horns, tails, fierce teeth and bulging eyes.  After recovering from his illness, Pedro Linares started re-creating those animals which immediately caught the attention of the world renowned artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.  Soon those creations became extremely popular in the Mexican culture and now you can see them in several expositions and popular art museums. We are very proud to now bring to you, the only Workshop of this kind in Cozumel, where you and your family will be able to recreate and take home your very own personal Alebrije in a fun filled activity for all ages and especially for kids.  Let your imagination fly and use bright non-toxic water based paints to bring to life these fascinating wooden carved creatures.  Then is hands on into the fascinating making process of the most popular candy in the world: chocolate !!!  Learn about its origin, process and taste several varieties of this delicious treat. Instructed by a true chocolate artisan, you will be able to grind, prepare and take home your very own chocolate bar for you to enjoy at any time. You will also have full access to Discover Mexico Park including the Mexican Traditional Arts Museum, the Dioramic Garden, which features a wide variety of indigenous plants and flowers.  As you stroll through the garden’s broad paths, you’ll also have the chance to view one-of-a-kind dioramas depicting many of Mexico's famous sites.  Trace the evolution of Mexico’s ancient civilizations as you tour replicas of Chichén Itzá & other pyramids built by the early Aztec, Maya & Totonac people. The Spanish colonial era is reborn in the park’s reproductions of grand monuments, cathedrals, and the Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City’s elegant boulevard. • Visit to Discover Mexico Park, audiovisual room featuring an Awards Winning video of Mexico and its cultures, Mexican Traditional Art Museum, dioramic garden, Papantla flyers show and handcrafts/souvenir shop. • Chocolate Worskhop to create your own chocolate bar to be taken home. • Alebrije Workshop (one Alebrije workshop kit per person of wooden carved Alebrije, non-toxic water based paints, brush and souvenir handcraft bag).  • One ice cold bottle water per person.

$28 Cultural & Theme Tours

The LGBTour Part One - Gay History & Main Monuments Historic Center Mexico City

The Walking tour begins at the Monument to the Foundation of Mexico, next to the Zócalo, main square, daily at 11 AM.Our guide will share with you the hidden stories at Zocalo (the main square), Moneda Street, hub of the Spanish empire and a street for men only, the Aztec city's buried ruins & temples, Calmecac, the Aztec House of Lineage and Military Training, the Palace of the Marquis of the Royal Duty, Donceles Street, Crossroads of Diversity, the former convent of St. Mary of the Instruction, Frida Kahlo's High School at San Ildefonso, the Palace of the Spanish Inquisition, the Royal Customs House of the Empire, the Royal Inland Road to New Mexico, Chile street, drag queens' paradise, the Palace of the Counts of Heras y Soto and the fallen angel.Madero, the old "cruising street," a gay man in space, the National Museum of Art, The Fifth Post Office, cruising at the House of Tiles, the Palace of Bellas Artes and Alameda Park are also part of this three hour-long tour through thr Historic Center of Mexico City.

$649 18-to-Thirtysomethings

Oaxaca Day of the Dead & Puerto Escondido

In Mexico, death isn’t the end of the road — it’s the beginning of a huge party. Rooted in Aztec tradition, Oaxaca’s colourful Dead of the Dead festivities have been drawing curious visitors for decades. This week-long tour throws you right into the middle of the action with four straight days of parades, macabre costumes, and market visits in search of sugar skulls. Then, it’s off to the coastal town of Puerto Escondido for a few days of well-earned R&R on the beach you’ll be more than grateful for — or, if you’ve still got the energy, parties galore.