Polly Hill Arboretum

Martha's Vineyard

This 60-acre refuge celebrates woodlands and wildflower meadows, and is particularly pretty in the fall. The visitor center is open from 9:30am to 4pm from Memorial Day to Columbus Day. You can explore on your own or join an hour-long guided tour (daily at 10am in July and August).

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Nearby Martha's Vineyard attractions

1. Martha's Vineyard Glassworks

0.49 MILES

Master glassblowers turn sand into colorful creations at the Martha's Vineyard Glassworks. If you can stand the heat, you can watch them work their magic…

2. Granary Gallery

0.69 MILES

Although it has a bit of a stuffy blue-blood air to it, Granary Gallery is a great place to see a wide range of work by local artists. The space is huge…

3. Alley's General Store

1.09 MILES

Part food shop ('dealers in almost everything'), part historic landmark, Alley's General Store is a favorite local gathering place and has been since 1858…

4. Field Gallery & Sculpture Garden

1.13 MILES

You can't miss the Field Gallery, a field of large white sculptures by local artist and gallery founder Tom Maley (1911–2000) that playfully pose while…

5. Grange Hall

1.22 MILES

The 1859 Grange Hall is a historic meetinghouse, most visited these days for markets and events. This post-and-beam structure is also a venue for concerts…

6. Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary

2.61 MILES

Cedar Tree Neck's inviting 2.5-mile hike crosses native bogs and forest to a coastal bluff with views of Cape Cod and the Elizabeth Islands. Be sure to…

7. Long Point Wildlife Refuge

3.59 MILES

Pond, cove and ocean views all open up on a mile-long trail that leads to a remote beach. Along the way birders can expect to spot nesting osprey and…

8. Martha's Vineyard Museum

5.37 MILES

This well-done museum has a fascinating collection of whaling paraphernalia and scrimshaw, and puts the history of Martha's Vineyard into context. Don't…