Rig Museum

Cajun Country

If you want to get a firsthand look at what it really means when American politicians say ‘drill baby drill,’ take the 1½-hour guided tour here. This informative tour winds up, down and around Big Charlie, the first ever offshore drilling rig. It was completed in 1954, eight years after it was first proposed by creator AJ Laborde of Marksville, LA.

The tour stops inside dorms, the kitchen and the rec area, and goes outside to the actual drill site. Questions are encouraged, and you will learn a lot about life on a floating rig and how it all works. In fact, Big Charlie is still used as a training facility.

The tour may not go down well if you're a believer in environmentalism or gender inclusivity, but it may nevertheless be interesting. Wear walking shoes, as you'll climb at least 26 steep steps and do a fair bit of walking around the rig.

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