Aerial Lift Bridge

Northern Minnesota

Duluth's main landmark raises its mighty arm to let horn-bellowing ships into port. About 1000 vessels per year glide through.

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Nearby Northern Minnesota attractions

1. Maritime Visitor Center

0.06 MILES

Located next to the Aerial Lift Bridge, the center has computer screens inside that tell what time the big ships will be sailing through. Cool model boats…

2. William A Irvin


Tour this mighty 610ft Great Lakes freighter and see what life was like carrying steel from port to port.

3. Great Lakes Aquarium

0.34 MILES

Children will enjoy the up-close-and-personal encounter with the freshwater fish – as well as various reptiles, invertebrates and otters – of the Great…

4. Bob Dylan's Birthplace

1.07 MILES

The duplex is up a hill a few blocks northeast of downtown. Dylan lived on the top floor until age six, when his family moved inland to Hibbing. It's a…

5. Leif Erikson Park

1.28 MILES

This is a lakefront sweet spot with a rose garden, replica of Leif's Viking ship and free outdoor movies each Friday night in summer. Take the Lakewalk…

6. Enger Tower

1.53 MILES

The five-story, bluestone, octagonal tower is a defining Duluth monument, located in Enger Park. Terrific views of the harbor and Lake Superior reward…

7. Glensheen Mansion

3.19 MILES

The directors here claim this 39-room mansion, built on a 12-acre estate, is the most-visited home in the Midwest. Whether that's true or not, a visit…

8. Hawk Ridge Observatory

5.52 MILES

It sits 600ft above Lake Superior and provides a grand view, especially between mid-August and November, when 94,000 raptors swing by as part of the…