Pioneer Museum

Definitely worth a stop for auto aficionados, with 16 buildings crammed with old cars and carts, tools and trains, and a fascinating telephony display. The Model T and Model A Fords bookend the auto collection against the 1960s cruisers and sedans.

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1. Johnson Building


The Johnson Building was erected in 1881 and traded as a restaurant from 1901, originally as the Royal Cafe and later as the Johnston Restaurant until…

2. Smith Opera House

0.95 MILES

The old Smith Opera House is indeed an oddity. It was built in 1882 and is rather bovine in its proportions and outlook. The building opened in 1883, but…

3. Crested Butte Center for the Arts

22.61 MILES

The arts center hosts shifting exhibitions of local artists and a stellar schedule of live music and performance pieces. There’s always something lively…

4. Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum

22.79 MILES

In one of the oldest buildings in Crested Butte, this museum is a worthwhile visit to see a terrific model railway. Exhibits range from geology to mining…

5. Crested Butte Cemetery

23.25 MILES

Many of the town’s pioneers are buried in the cemetery, about 0.25 miles north of town towards Mt Crested Butte. Also interred here are 59 miners who died…