Great Lawn


The Great Lawn is the grassy area in front of Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, where everyone sits and picnics during concerts.

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1. Millennium Park

0.02 MILES

There's free admission to Millennium Park, the playful heart of the city. It shines with whimsical public art, both permanent and temporary exhibits, and…

2. Pritzker Pavilion

0.05 MILES

Pritzker Pavilion is Millennium Park's acoustically awesome band shell. Architect Frank Gehry designed it and gave it his trademark swooping silver…

3. BP Bridge

0.06 MILES

Frank Gehry designed this snaking pedestrian bridge that spans Columbus Dr. The luminous sheet-metal walkway connects Millennium Park (from the back of…

4. Cloud Gate

0.08 MILES

Anish Kapoor's beloved silver sculpture in Millennium Park is known informally as 'the Bean.' It reflects both the sky and the skyline, and everyone…

5. Nichols Bridgeway

0.11 MILES

Renzo Piano designed this silver, pedestrian-only span. It arches from Millennium Park over Monroe St to the Art Institute’s small, 3rd-floor sculpture…

6. Lurie Garden

0.11 MILES

If the crowds at the Bean, Crown Fountain and Pritzker Pavilion are too much, seek out the peaceful Lurie Garden, which uses native plants to form a…

7. Crown Fountain

0.14 MILES

Jaume Plensa’s two 50ft-high glass-block towers contain video displays that flash a thousand different faces of locals. Each mug puckers up and spurts…

8. Maggie Daley Park

0.15 MILES

Families love this park’s fanciful, free playgrounds in all their enchanted-forest and pirate-themed glory. There’s also a rock-climbing wall, an 18-hole…