Siskiyou County Courthouse

West of I-5

This hulking downtown building was built in 1857 and has a collection of gold nuggets, flakes and dust in the foyer.

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1. Siskiyou County Museum

0.43 MILES

Several blocks south of Yreka's downtown grid, this exceptionally well-curated museum brings together pioneer and Native American history. The native…

2. Museum

13.5 MILES

Sweet little museum with Native American artifacts, fossils, memorabilia, and a carriage house out back with ancient buggies, farm equipment and more.

3. Mt Shasta Lavender Farms

18.98 MILES

While in the area, tickle your senses at Mt Shasta Lavender Farms, about 19 miles northeast of Weed off Hwy 97. You can harvest your own sweet French…