Wilson Creek

San Diego

This place makes almond champagne (infused with almond oil in the fermentation process) and a chocolate-infused port.

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1. Longshadow Ranch

1.89 MILES

A nice stop if you’ve got children in tow; the kids can look at Clydesdales at this 'Old West'-style tasting room, while mommy and daddy sip. They have…

2. Leoness Cellars

2.24 MILES

Twenty minutes' drive from Front St, this winery offers award-winning viognier and melange de rêves, plus sweeping views from its sort-of-Teutonic tower.

3. Temecula Valley Museum

7.03 MILES

Just off Old Town Front St, this one-room museum tells the history of the region through artifacts from the Native American Luiseño people through to the…

4. Front St

7.06 MILES

Old Town Front St’s turn-of-the-last-century storefronts and wooden sidewalks make for an attractive stroll – pick up the Historic Old Town Temecula…

5. Palomar Observatory

17.97 MILES

High on Palomar Mountain, at an elevation of 5500ft to avoid light pollution, the Palomar Observatory is simply spectacular – as large as Rome’s Pantheon, with…

6. Palomar Mountain State Park

18.24 MILES

To stretch your legs after visiting the ridgetop Palomar Observatory, nearby Palomar Mountain State Park has forested hikes along panoramic-view trails…

7. Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

26.86 MILES

About 4.5 miles inland from central Oceanside, this was the largest California mission and the most successful in recruiting Native American converts. At…