At the peninsula’s tip, Bodega Head rises 265ft above sea level. It’s great for whale-watching. Landlubbers enjoy hiking above the surf, where several good trails include a 3.75-mile trek to Bodega Dunes Campground and a 2.2-mile walk to Salmon Creek Ranch. Head west from Hwy 1 onto Eastshore Rd, then turn right at the stop sign onto Bay Flat Rd.

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Nearby attractions

1. Bodega Marine Laboratory & Reserve

0.57 MILES

Run by University of California (UC) Davis, this spectacularly diverse teaching and research reserve surrounds the research lab, which has studied Bodega…

2. Ren Brown Collection Gallery

2.08 MILES

The renowned collection of modern Japanese prints and California works at this small gallery is a tranquil escape from the elements. Check out the…

3. Salmon Creek Beach

3.33 MILES

Situated around a lagoon, with 2 miles of hiking and good waves for surfing.

4. Schoolhouse Beach

4.35 MILES

A very pleasant beach with parking (but no other facilities); can be prone to riptides so swimmers should take care.

6. Duncan’s Landing

5.96 MILES

Small boats unload near this rocky headland in the morning. A good place to spot wildflowers in the spring.

7. Dillon Beach

6.82 MILES

As Dillon Beach isn't technically part of the Point Reyes National Seashore, dogs are welcome here. It's a long drive from anywhere and through the tiny…

8. Grove of the Old Trees

7.24 MILES

Outside Occidental and up on a ridge off Fitzpatrick Lane, Grove of the Old Trees is a peaceful, 28-acre forest of old-growth redwoods. The forest and its…