Monument Valley

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Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Great views can be had from along Hwy 163, but to really get up close and personal you'll need to visit the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. From the visitor center, a rough and unpaved scenic driving loop covers 15 miles of stunning valley views. Authorized guides take tours into otherwise inaccessible areas.

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1. Goosenecks State Park

16.74 MILES

If you head north of Mexican Hat on Hwy 261, you'll come to a 4-mile paved road that turns west to Goosenecks. The attraction here is the mesmerizing view…

2. Mexican Hat Rock

19.67 MILES

Pretty cool that they named the town after this sombrero-shaped rock formation. It's about 2 miles north off Hwy 163.

3. Valley of the Gods

22.81 MILES

Up and over, through and around: the 17-mile unpaved road (County Rd 242) that leads through Valley of the Gods is like a do-it-yourself roller coaster…

4. Bears Ears National Monument

27.38 MILES

Designated as a National Monument in December 2016 as one of President Barack Obama's last acts, Bears Ears originally covered a large 1.35-million-acre…