Totem Historic District – Kasaan

Southeast Alaska

This is one of the great Haida cultural centers in Alaska. It's in Kasaan, one of only two Haida villages in the state, and, since 2002, has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The historic district benefited from an extensive renovation in 2016. Things to see include a forested trail meandering past numerous totem poles (both Haida and Tlingit), the Totem Trail Cafe and – the centerpiece – the Chief Son-i-Hat Whale House.

The Whale House, with its exquisite house poles, dates from 1880 and was moved to its present site from Old Kasaan in 1904. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) were the first to restore it in 1938, along with other totem poles brought from Old Kassan. The complex also contains a couple of native cemeteries, the more southerly of which guards the remains of Chief Son-i-Hat (1829–1912). Guided tours are available.

Kasaan is 66 miles south of Coffman Cove by road.

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