Sable Pass

Denali National Park & Preserve

This pass – the first major pass you cross on Park Rd – is known as a prime habitat for Toklat brown bears.

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1. Polychrome Pass Overlook

9.25 MILES

This scenic area, at 3500ft, has views of the Toklat River to the south. The pass, which is a regular stop on Denali tour- and shuttle-bus routes, gets…

2. Toklat River Contact Station

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This station, situated at the crossing over the eponymous river, is one of the major stops on both the Denali shuttle route and Denali bus tours. On site,…

3. Eielson Visitor Center

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Eielson is the most common turning-around point for day trippers taking the shuttle or tour buses into the park. This remote outpost is built directly…

4. Denali National Park & Preserve

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In our collective consciousness, Alaska represents the concept of the raw wilderness. But that untamed perception can be as much a deterrent as a draw…