Casa Nacarello

Colonia del Sacramento

This teeny colonial home is evocative of Colonia's early days, with period furniture, thick whitewashed walls, wavy glass and original lintels (duck if you’re tall!).

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1. Museo Municipal

0.01 MILES

Houses an eclectic collection of treasures including a whale skeleton, a re-creation of a colonial drawing room, historical timelines and a scale model of…

2. Convento de San Francisco

0.02 MILES

Off the southwest corner of Plaza Mayor 25 de Mayo are the ruins of the 17th-century Convento de San Francisco, within which stands the 19th-century faro…

3. Faro

0.03 MILES

One of the town’s most prominent landmarks, Colonia’s 19th-century working lighthouse provides an excellent view of the old town and the Río de la Plata…

4. Archivo Regional

0.04 MILES

On the northwest edge of Plaza Mayor 25 de Mayo, the tiny Archivo Regional contains historical documents along with pottery and glass excavated from the…

5. Museo del Azulejo

0.06 MILES

This dinky 17th-century stone house has a small sampling of French and Catalan tilework.

6. Museo Portugués

0.06 MILES

In this old house on Colonia's main square you’ll find Portuguese relics including porcelain, furniture, maps, Manuel Lobo’s family tree and the old stone…

7. Portón de Campo

0.11 MILES

The most dramatic way to enter the Barrio Histórico is via the reconstructed 1745 city gate. From here, a thick fortified wall runs south along the Paseo…

8. Museo Indígena

0.12 MILES

Houses Roberto Banchero’s personal collection of Charrúa stone tools, exhibits on indigenous history, and an amusing map upstairs showing how many…