Remel Plage


Remel Plage, a long stretch of sand with a backdrop of pine groves, is a popular beach with locals, and it even has its own dramatically wrecked ship in the shallows. It begins about 3km southeast of the centre of town, across the drawbridge over the canal. There are no facilities.

A cab from Bizerte centre costs about 3DT one way.

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Nearby Bizerte attractions

1. Deconsecrated Cathedral

4.05 MILES

The deconsecrated French-built cathedral, a grey concrete modernist structure with vertical stripes of stained glass, is now a cultural centre.

2. Ksibah

4.08 MILES

This squat little fort, facing the kasbah, was modified by the Aghlabids in the 9th century, who added the attractive arched skifa (gate) and a courtyard…

3. Zaouia of Sidi Mokhtar


The richly decorated, lavishly tiled Zaouia of Sidi Mokhtar, is home to the Association de Sauvegarde de la Medina de Bizerte, the group responsible for…

4. Great Mosque


Built in 1652, this mosque has an octagonal, stone-built minaret decorated with blue-and-white tiling. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter, though at…

5. Spanish Fort

4.47 MILES

Built from 1570 to 1573 by Ulj Ali, the military ruler of Algiers, and named for a military victory over the Spanish, this fortress overlooks the medina…

6. Utica

15.08 MILES

Utica, the first Phoenician city in North Africa, was founded in about 1100 BC, 300 years before Carthage. Situated at the mouth of Oued (River) Medjerda,…

7. Ichkeul Ecomusée

15.88 MILES

This small museum on a ridge with fine views has excellent presentations in French and Arabic on Lake Ichkeul, its wildlife, ecosystems and the history of…

8. Ichkeul National Park

17.84 MILES

Lake Ichkeul has been a Unesco World Heritage site since 1980, but it's been managed as a hunting reserve at least as far back as the 13th century. The…