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Khao Sok National Park

If you've had enough of beach-bumming, venture inland to the wondrous 738-sq-km Khao Sok National Park. Many believe this lowland jungle (Thailand's rainiest spot) dates back 160 million years, making it one of the world's oldest rainforests, and it's interspersed by hidden waterfalls and caves.

Khao Sok’s vast terrain makes it one of the last viable habitats for large mammals. During rainy months you may spot bears, boars, gaurs, tapirs, gibbons, deer, marbled cats, wild elephants and perhaps even a tiger. And you'll find more than 300 bird species, 38 bat varieties and one of the world’s largest (and smelliest) flowers, the increasingly rare Rafflesia kerrii, which, in Thailand, grows only in Khao Sok.

Animal-spotting aside, the best time to visit is the December–April dry season. During the June–October monsoon, trails get slippery and leeches come out in force. The upside is that the waterfalls are in full flow.

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