Wat Phra Si Iriyabot

Northern Thailand

The highlight here is a towering mon·dòp (the small square building with a spire in a wát) that contains the shattered remains of standing, sitting, walking and reclining Buddha images, all sculpted in the classic Sukhothai style.

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1. Wat Chang Rob

0.29 MILES

Meaning 'Elephant-Encircled Temple', this ruin is just that – a temple buttressed with 68 stucco-covered elephants.

2. Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

0.85 MILES

A Unesco World Heritage Site, the Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park features the ruins of structures dating back to the 14th century, roughly the same time…

3. Wat Phra Kaew

0.91 MILES

This former temple dominates Kamphaeng Phet's walled city and is adjacent to what is believed to have been the royal palace (now in ruins). There’s an…

4. Walled City

0.93 MILES

Just north of modern Kamphaeng Phet, this walled zone is the origin of the city’s name, and was formerly inhabited by gamavasi (living in the community)…

5. Wat Phra That


The ruins of this temple are distinguished by a large round-based brick and laterite Kamphaeng Phet–style chedi surrounded by columns.

6. Kamphaeng Phet National Museum

1.11 MILES

Kamphaeng Phet’s visit-worthy museum is home to an impressive collection of artefacts from the Kamphaeng Phet area, including an immense Shiva statue that…

7. Thai House Museum

1.15 MILES

This regional museum is set in a series of Thai-style wooden structures on stilts set among nicely landscaped grounds. There are three main buildings…

8. Shiva Shrine


This shrine has a replica of a Shiva statue that's the largest bronze Hindu sculpture in the country; the original is at the Kamphaeng Phet National…