Noen Chang Suek

Kanchanaburi Province

The hill with the flag and fence hovering above the town to the south is 'Fighting Elephant Hill'. From its 1053m summit you can get 360-degree views (fog permitting) of the surrounding peaks, and sometimes a sea of fog down below – and if the air is especially clear (though it rarely is anymore) you can see the Andaman Sea. Most people come up for sunrise or sunset.

A steep 1.2km-path leads here direct from the village, starting by the lovelock-style bridge. By road, it's 2.7km and the route is super steep, but because there's a small army base it's surfaced and regular cars can make it. However, most people come in a hired sŏrng·tăa·ou charging 500B for up to 10 people: on weekends you can usually join with others to share the cost.

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Nearby Kanchanaburi Province attractions

1. Mueang Pilok Park

0.38 MILES

Immediately west of the old village, this small park has some rusted old machinery and dilapidated buildings from E-Thong's mining days.

2. Wat Mueang Pilok

0.47 MILES

Just uphill from the village, a decorative set of stairs leads to this scarlet-and-gold temple. It has a beautiful golden stupa and its large red Buddha…

3. Noen Sao Thong

0.73 MILES

'Flag Pole Hill' sits right on the border and has large flags of Thailand and Myanmar along with limited views into the latter. It's 750m west of the town…

4. Thong Pha Phum National Park

2.79 MILES

This seldom-explored park sprawls across a serrated mountain range along the Myanmar border. Billing itself as the 'land of fog and freezing rainforest',…

5. Vajiralongkorn Dam

17.71 MILES

Some 7km northwest of Thong Pha Phum town, this whopping 92m-high hydroelectric dam creates the Khao Laem Reservoir that stretches all the way up to…

6. Wat Tha Khanun

18.53 MILES

This large temple is across Mae Nam Kwae Noi from town. The gleaming golden stupa on the hill above it, which seems to float over the town at night, can…

7. Khao Laem National Park

27.57 MILES

With the Khao Laem Reservoir at its heart and limestone mountains all around, dramatic landscapes define this 1497-sq-km national park. But despite the…