Pha Daeng National Park

Chiang Dao

North of Chiang Dao and reached by following Rte 1178, Pha Daeng National Park offers lush, jungle scenery and stunning birdlife. Flanking the Myanmar border, the park is pockmarked by deep cave systems and has the usual full hand of scenic viewpoints, summit hikes and spurting waterfalls. Bungalow accommodation (600B to 2500B) is available at the park headquarters.

The most popular attractions within the park are Nam Tok Sri Sangwan (the waterfall just off the main road near the park headquarters) and Pong Arng Hot Springs (open daily from 8am to 6pm). The waterfall is like a mini version of the popular Sticky Waterfall, and its 20m, three-tiered limestone cascade makes for a scenic spot to relax or picnic. About 3km south, the hot springs feature two natural bathing ponds that fluctuate between 58°C and 64°C.

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