Although this peaceful temple atop an extinct volcano has an ancient past, as evidenced by the 8th- or 9th-century Dvaravati sandstone boundary markers, it's the modern constructions that make Wat Khao Angkhan worth a visit. The bòht and several other flamboyant buildings were erected in 1982 in an unusual nouveau-Khmer style that sort of harks back to the age of empire. Inside the bòht, the Jataka murals, painted by Burmese artists, have English captions.

The wát also hosts a Chinese-style pagoda, a 29m reclining Buddha and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

The temple is about 20km from either Nang Rong or Phanom Rung, and there's no public transport. The route is pretty well signposted, but if you're driving you'll have to ask directions at some junctions. A motorcycle taxi could cost as little as 200B from Ban Ta Pek and 300B from Nang Rong.