Enduimet Wildlife Management Area

Northern Tanzania

You may never even be aware of its existence (there are no signs or entry fees), but Enduimet WMA is a quiet success story in protecting the wildlife corridors of West Kilimanjaro, including the Kitenden Corridor, an elephant 'highway' that reaches down into Kenya. Big cats, elands and other plains wildlife are increasingly plentiful. Wildlife drives from most of the West Kilimanjaro camps pass through the WMA – ask at your camp for more information.

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1. Olpopongi Maasai Cultural Village

10.16 MILES

Olpopongi Maasai Cultural Village is a good stop for anyone wanting to spend a night in an authentically constructed Maasai boma (a fortified living…

2. Lake Amboseli

17.67 MILES

Away to the northwest from the delta, this ‘lake’ occupies a large swathe of the park, but it’s usually bone dry, except after extended rains. At other…

3. Normatior (Observation Hill)

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This pyramid-shaped hill is one of the only places in the park where you can get out and walk. The summit provides an ideal lookout from which to…

4. Sinet Delta

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From Normatior (Observation Hill), the northern route runs across the Sinet Delta, which is an excellent place for birdwatching. The vegetation is thicker…

5. Mt Kilimanjaro National Park

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Since its official opening in 1977, Mt Kilimanjaro National Park has become one of Tanzania’s most visited parks. Unlike the other northern parks, this…

6. Elephant Research Camp

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The elephants of Amboseli are among the most studied in the world, thanks largely to the work of Dr Cynthia Moss, whose books include The Amboseli…

7. Amboseli National Park

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Amboseli belongs in the elite of Kenya’s national parks, and it’s easy to see why. Its signature attraction is the sight of hundreds of big-tusked…