French Polynesia, Tuamotus, Rangiroa, Blue Lagoon

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Lagon Bleu

Top choice in Rangiroa

This is what many people visualise when imagining a Polynesian paradise: a string of motu and coral reefs has formed a natural pool on the edge of the main reef, a lagoon within a lagoon. You can walk knee-deep across a (mostly dead) coral seabed to visit a bird island and laze on incredibly photogenic spits of white-and-pink coral sands. This intimate paradise is reached only on lagoon-excursion boats from Avatoru, about an hour away.

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Nearby Rangiroa attractions

1. Île d’Eden

9.89 MILES

Île d’Eden is not a traditional tourist site per se, but a working farm operated by a handful of families belonging to the Church of the New Testament…

2. Les Sables Roses

12.47 MILES

The southeast shores of the atoll are fringed with truly amazing ‘Pink Sands Beaches’ that really do glow a light shade of pink, a result of finely…

3. Motu Puarua

13.65 MILES

Lying almost in the middle of the lagoon, the rocky Motu Puarua hosts several species of ground-nesting birds, including brown noddies and uaau (red…

4. Vin de Tahiti

16.17 MILES

Vin de Tahiti has a 6-hectare vineyard planted on a palm-fringed motu about 10 minutes by boat from Avatoru village. This is the only atoll vineyard in…

5. Avatoru

18.53 MILES

Avatoru won’t leap to the top of your list of preferred villages in French Polynesia, but its location, right by Avatoru Pass and the lagoon, is stunning…

6. Gauguin’s Pearl

19.73 MILES

There are free tours (in English) of the pearl farm next to the boutique. They include a pearl-grafting demonstration. Call for free pick-up.

7. Île aux Récifs

20.32 MILES

South of the atoll, an hour by boat from Avatoru, Île aux Récifs is an area dotted with raised feo (coral outcrops), weathered shapes chiselled by erosion…

8. Tuherahera

20.73 MILES

Most islanders live in Tuherahera, in the southwest of the atoll. Find peace in this pretty village, bursting with uru (breadfruit), coconut trees,…