Must-see attractions in The Engadine

  • Woman hiking, Appenzellerland, Switzerland.

    Swiss National Park

    The Engadine

    When an environmentally on-the-ball land like Switzerland has just one national park, you can bet it’s a good one. Huddled away in the far southeast of…

  • Guarda, Switzerland


    The Engadine

    With its twisting cobbled streets, Hobbit-like houses and numerous fountains, Guarda, 11km west of Scuol, has much appeal and many Swiss turn up to stroll…

  • View of the Corvatsch cable car Bergstation that stands at 3303m in the Swiss alps in Canton Graubunden.

    Corvatsch 3303

    The Engadine

    Ride the spectacular Corvatsch cable cars from Silvaplana-Surlej (1870m) to the Murtèl mid-station (2702m), then from Murtèl to the top – at a stunning…

  • Swiss National Park Centre

    The Engadine

    At the hands-on Swiss National Park Centre, an audioguide gives you the low-down on conservation, wildlife and environmental change. Staff can provide…

  • Segantini Museum

    St Moritz

    Housed in an eye-catching stone building topped by a cupola, this museum shows the paintings of Giovanni Segantini (1858–99). The Italian artist…

  • Julier Pass

    The Engadine

    The Julier Pass (2284m) sits above Silvaplana, 7km to the west. The pass has been in use since Roman times and remains of a Roman temple have been found…

  • Nietzsche Haus

    The Engadine

    Sils-Maria might be a sleepy lakeside village now, but the rumble of existential philosophy once reverberated around these peaks, courtesy of Friedrich…

  • Kloster St Johann

    The Engadine

    Vibrant Carolingian (9th century) and Romanesque (12th century) frescos smother the interior of the church of Benedictine Kloster St Johann. Beneath…

  • Chesa Futura

    St Moritz

    The Norman Foster–designed Chesa Futura ('House of the Future' in Romansch), an eco-friendly apartment building of breathtaking architectural design, can…

  • Schloss Tarasp

    The Engadine

    Perched on a clifftop, this 1000-year-old turreted castle stands high over the valley and is definite fairy-tale material. In 2016, the castle was…

  • Museum

    The Engadine

    The museum next door to Kloster St Johann takes you through part of the monastery complex, with Carolingian art and other relics.

  • Engadiner Museum

    St Moritz

    For a peek at the archetypal dwellings and humble interiors of the Engadine Valley, visit this museum showing traditional stoves and archaeological finds.

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