Must see attractions in The Engadine

  • Sights in St Moritz

    Segantini Museum

    Housed in an eye-catching stone building topped by a cupola, this museum shows the paintings of Giovanni Segantini (1858–99). The Italian artist beautifully captured the dramatic light and ambience of the Alps on canvas.

  • Sights in St Moritz

    Chesa Futura

    The Norman Foster–designed Chesa Futura ('House of the Future' in Romansch), an eco-friendly apartment building of breathtaking architectural design, can only be viewed from the outside, but it's worth the effort. What has been described as 'a massive pumpkin' was built between 2000 and 2004. To truly appreciate the design and method of construction, you'll need to visit the website.

  • Sights in St Moritz

    Engadiner Museum

    For a peek at the archetypal dwellings and humble interiors of the Engadine Valley, visit this museum showing traditional stoves and archaeological finds.