Must-see restaurants in The Engadine

  • El Rico

    The Engadine

    Full-on Tex-Mex Swiss style, with red-vinyl booths, tacos, quesadillas and burgers on the menu, a pool table, loud music later on and that essential…

  • Pizzeria Caruso

    St Moritz

    Pizza lovers rave about the thin-crust Neapolitan numbers that fly out of the wood oven at Hotel Laudinella's pizzeria. These range from a simple…

  • Ecco St Moritz

    St Moritz

    The pinnacle of St Moritz' dining scene, Ecco St Moritz is where chef Rolf Fliegauf gives flight to culinary fantasy when the flakes fall in winter. A…

  • Chesa Veglia

    St Moritz

    This slate-roofed, chalk-white chalet restaurant dates from 1658. The softly lit interior is all warm pine and creaking wood floors, while the terrace…

  • Hanselmann

    St Moritz

    You can't miss the lavishly frescoed facade of St Moritz' celebrated bakery and tea room, famous for its caramel-rich, walnut-studded Engadine nut tart.

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