Ul-Khizr Mosque


The second holy site you see as you pass through the holy compound. This beautiful mosque features intricate coloured tile work and wooden lintels, and the tombs of two holy men (who originated from Central Asia and India).

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1. Sivam Kovil

0.05 MILES

A riverside Hindu temple dedicated to Ganesh, and the first structure you encounter as you enter the holy complex.

2. Kataragama Museum

0.09 MILES

This archaeological museum inside the complex has a collection of Hindu and Buddhist religious items, as well as huge fibreglass replicas of statues from…

3. Maha Devale

0.18 MILES

This is Kataragama's most important shrine. It contains the lance of the six-faced, 12-armed Hindu war god, Murugan (Skanda), who is seen as identical to…

4. Bodhi Tree

0.18 MILES

You'll often find monkeys hanging around this sacred tree.

5. Kirivehara

0.54 MILES

An impressive 29m white dagoba in the north of the sacred compound. It's thought to have been built during the reign of King Mahasena (AD 276–303) who…

6. Ranminithenna Tele-Cinema Village

5.02 MILES

This studio located halfway between Tissa and Kataragama is only mentioned because some drivers and tours will suggest you visit. Structures meant to…

7. Tissa Wewa

9.36 MILES

The centrepiece of the town and its surrounds is the lovely Tissa Wewa (Tissa Tank), a huge artificial lake. In the evening, check out the flocks of…

8. Tissa Dagoba

9.86 MILES

This large much-restored dagoba looming between Tissa town centre and the wewa is believed to have been originally built around 200 BC by Kavantissa, a…