Sri Manika Pillaiyar

The East

The Sri Manika Pillaiyar, which boasts an array of Hindu statuary illuminated by fairy lights, gives Ganesh a lovely view across Ampara Tank. It's about 1km west of the main traffic circle.

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1. Japanese Peace Pagoda

0.77 MILES

This pagoda, 4km west of town, is a graceful stupa with a twist or two, including a vaguely Roman-looking colonnade ringing its lower level. Niches…

2. Mandala Mahavihara

0.89 MILES

The central Buddhist Mandala Mahavihara has a large pagoda. Its interior is somewhat tackily painted with Buddhist scenes and a cloud-dotted ‘sky’.

3. Buddangala Rajamaha Viharaya

4.02 MILES

Rising above the forest north of Ampara, this 150m-high hill offers panoramic views from its rocky summit (including, occasionally, of wild elephants at…

4. Deegawapi

8.36 MILES

According to legend, Deegawapi is the one place in southeastern Sri Lanka that the Buddha visited. The stupa was built during the reign of King…

5. Heritage Museum of Kattankudy

27.11 MILES

This fine new museum plunges deep into the history of Muslims and Arab traders locally. Spread over three floors, it tells a compelling story about…

6. Kotawehera

28.82 MILES

Off the A4 between the 308km and 309km posts is Kotawehera, the ruined remains of an ancient brick stupa, which enjoys a magnificent situation upon a…

7. Anipandi Sitivigniswara Alayar

28.96 MILES

Of the many Hindu temples, the expanding Anipandi Sitivigniswara Alayar is visually the finest, with a magnificent gopuram (gateway tower) that’s…

8. Methodist Church

29.16 MILES

This sturdy 1838 Methodist church is an atmospheric part of Batti's colonial heritage.