Cala Gat at Ratjada, Mallorca

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Eastern Mallorca

There’s a reason tourists arrive in Eastern Mallorca in their hundreds of thousands on their annual sun pilgrimage: this is one of the prettiest coasts on an island of many. Yes, there are sections that seem to combine all that’s abhorrent about Mediterranean coastal tourism, but Mallorca’s rocky eastern walls also conceal perfectly formed caves, coves and inlets, some of which are accessible only on foot, and can never really be developed. Many of these are honestly sublime, with turquoise waters and nary a hotel in sight. And even some of the resorts might be called rather handsome: Porto Cristo, Portocolom, Portopetro and Canyamel, we're looking at you. Lastly, to the north, you'll find wild stretches of natural park, plus stunning medieval towns, such as Artà and Capdepera.


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